Who I Serve
My clients consist of individuals, families, and businesses that value my guidance and are willing to do their part in the planning process – I want you to be engaged.  I do not target a specific type of prospect; in my opinion, portfolio size is less important than how active a client is in the planning process and how willing you are to continually save money for retirement. 

The majority of my clients find communication to be important, and as such, I strive to stay in periodic contact with you and ask questions so you fully understand your investments and your long-term wealth management plan. 

Our Relationship
When I’m building a relationship with you, I begin by asking you to tell me about yourself.  It is important for me to know about your family dynamics, career, and hobbies – these factors will all influence your wealth management plan.  Once I have gathered information, I will tell you a little bit about myself and how I may be able to help.  Not every prospective client will be a good fit, so I want to make sure we can work well together.

I seek to maintain and grow our relationship by communicating in a clear and understandable manner.  I want you to feel comfortable enough to ask me any questions.  It is also important that we stay in contact on a periodic basis.  In addition, I make sure to remain honest, approachable, and diligent to build the foundation of a strong relationship.  I strive to be readily available to you to discuss the status of your portfolio, especially when market conditions are not ideal.

Our Meetings
We will meet to evaluate your financial picture at your preference, but I recommend once a year at minimum.  Some of my clients prefer to meet monthly, which I happily accommodate.  On average, I meet with the majority of my clients three or four times a year.  During these meetings, we will discuss any major life changes and review your risk assessment, portfolio holdings, and performance.